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This site is no longer updated regularly, however please feel free to enjoy the great music that has already been posted. All future re-edits and mixes will be uploaded to my SoundCloud page, please visit it here.

And if you have a question or need a re-up (all DL links should still work), holler at me:

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Your Home Boy Loves You

Home Boy: “A Love Connection" (Alwest, 1986)


Listen Up Sucka Ducks

If you’re someone (anyone?) who reads this blog regularly (hi mom!), by now you know that every 2nd Saturday of the month is my SuperCuts party in Oakland.

This month, I’m very excited to be joined by Freddy & Marky a.k.a. FM a.k.a Freddy Anzures & Proof a.k.a. two bad ass handsome dudes who make it their business to move you. Expect the usual mixed bag of soul, disco, rap, and new stuff plus cheap drinks and lots of cool people who know there is no place else in Oakland to hear this good of music for free.

In honor of the occasion, the three of us put together a mix to showcase the eclectic vibe that makes SuperCuts such a damn good time. Please enjoy!


Atomic Dancefloor Disco Action

In a recent post, I mentioned that I would be re-joining the Go BANG! crew for a night of sweaty disco business on Saturday, January 22nd. Well that time has come, and I can’t wait to play some of my favorite disco records for a dance floor packed full of people who actually want to hear them!

To whet your appetite for the weekend, here’s a recent edit that Go BANG!'s founder Sergio and I did a few weeks back.

Fantasy: “You’re Too Late [Sergio & Eddy Bauer’s Dark & Stormy Edit]

(1981, CBS)


Come On Down

Here are two important facts in regards to your weekend:

1) SuperCuts is my dance music party every 2nd Saturday at Bar 355 in Oakland.

2) This Saturday my guest is Matthew Africa.

Matthew has been an important influence on me since my early days at KALX, and I’ve always appreciated his ability to find great songs that eschew easy categorization. Like that disco cut that’s just a little too soulful for the disco crowd, or the slow funk burner that the soul purist can’t quite digest (check his Soul Boulders mix), and his knowledge of rap goes way over my head.

Of the countless records he’s turned me on to over the years, I’m posting this one partly because it comes to mind, but also because I think it’s a perfect example of Matthew’s great ear.

Greg Perry: “Come On Down (Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds)

(Casablanca, 1975)

I think the music speaks for itself on this one, but I will point out that Greg Perry is the older brother of the less-talented Jeff Perry, whose sole LP under the moniker Jeffree is a stepper’s classic. Oh what the hell, here you go:

Jeffree: “Love’s Gonna Last" (MCA, 1979)


Feed The People

Clarence Paul & The Members: “Operation Breadbasket (Part I)" (Pride, 197?)


Payin’ Dividends

A lot of DJ’s would have a hard time naming their absolute number one favorite rap record. Not me.

Three Times Dope: “Funky Dividends [Goin’ For Broke Remix]" (Arista, 1989)*

Everything about this record is perfect to me, from the sublime Delegation sample and Chuck Nice's way-too-fresh-for-'89 production, to the odd scratch interjections and lilting hook. And I'm no purist that believes every rap should tell a story, but I completely love E.S.T.'s relaxed, yet vicious flow on this ageless tale of golddigging shorties. I wish I had a hundred records that sounded just like it.**

*It was tough to choose which version of the song to post, since the 12” is packed with four completely different (and equally awesome) mixes…all the more reason for you to hunt down your own copy of this gem!

**Even though Lawrence Goodman*** shares production credit on this one, my guess is that his involvement was more ‘executive’ (read: financial). That being said, there may be a hundred records that sound like this one, but I haven’t gotten around to really exploring the Philly rap catalog. Suggestions are definitely welcome.

***Don’t think I’ll be lining up outside the theater to see this one.


Make The Living Worthwhile

This Saturday, I have the distinct honor of hosting a live performance by Myron & E at my SuperCuts party in Oakland. They will be backed by another Bay Area staple, Hot Pocket, while I lay down the soul, funk, and disco wax.

I really can’t say enough good things about Myron and E both as talented artists, and as generally good folks. I first met E, aka E Da Boss, when he was doing a soul night at my old haunt, The Missouri Lounge in Berkeley. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of DJ’ing with him several times, as well as indulging the occasional Fernet and Trumer binge.

As for Myron, we’ve only just met, but I can say with absolute certainty that the man is a rare talent and a kind soul. I know the duo is finishing up their debut full length on Now-Again, and the test pressing I heard of their upcoming single completely floored me. Basically, I’m really looking forward to this.

Now, in grand American tradition, I will shake your right hand while sliding something into your left:

This record is a staple in E Da Boss’ not-to-be-missed 45 sets. I’m posting the 12” disco version so you can chew on the top-grade break towards the middle. See you Saturday!

Gene Chandler: “Make The Living Worthwhile" (Chi Sound, 198?)



Eddy Bauer is an Oakland, CA based DJ and man-about-town. In today’s saturated DJ climate, E. Bizzle distinguishes himself through his versatile approach and diverse selections. Although he’s committed to sharing rarities and celebrating classics, Herr Bauer is not afraid of music that is new, popular, or contains rapping. He puts this commitment to musical diversity into dance-floor crushing action at venues all around the Bay Area.

E-mail him at, or find him on Twitter and SoundCloud.

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